New rear quarter and side wheel arch panels and inner structural work completed

This 1986 VW T25 T3 Wedge van came into MAD Workshop needing a full restoration.

After a thorough inspection and lengthy discussion with the owners the schedule of work for the restoration was agreed. Despite the relative youth of the van it had extensive corrosion in all the lower areas. We discovered significant corrosion to both front arches, both sills, the rear arches, rear corners and front cab steps.

The only proper approach when dealing with a restoration of this type is to make sure all corrosion is removed. As you can see from the photographs that’s exactly what we did ! We sourced the best repair panels available and fabricated any that could not be obtained. Each section of the body and frame was prepped and proofed to ensure corrosion does not return.

A complete pair of rear side panels, front arches and cab steps, both sills, A B and C pillars, rear quarters, rear arch inners and outers were all replaced along with sections of interior floor !

New inner structure fitted and welded awaiting finishing
Complete passenger rear skins removed enabling repair of all corrosion
Driver side rear repairs in progress
Front passenger wheel arch aligned correctly and important B-Pillar repairs completed
Side lower sill and B-Pillar repairs in progress. You can see the amount of work required to eradicate the extensive rust damage from nearly 40 years on the road