This fantastic red long wheelbase T4 bus came into the MAD workshop as a low mileage panel van.

After installation of OEM factory style side windows we sourced an extra length Reimo pop top roof and had it colour coded with the same factory brilliant red paint as the rest of the van.

The installation of the new poptops involves cutting a sizeable hole into the existing roof of the van. This is carefully measured and marked up to ensure a perfect fit and once the cutting has been done specially designed reinforcement panels are installed into the van.

The new pop top roof is trial assembled and aligned and only when we are 100% happy is the roof bolted and then bonded into position.The roof canvas is then installed and fully waterproofed using the special Reimo approved system. This ensures longevity and weathertightness for many years to come and allows you to enjoy your new camper in all seasons, wherever you travel.